What School Doesn't Teach You

What should I do ?, Who am I? and What is my purpose in this mortal realm?. These profound questions of humankind require deep thought and introspection, while living in a constantly changing world with jobs, families and relationships around us. Effectively, this book provides close to ten great ways to manage the entropy of the world, while in pursuit of purpose.

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Faith: The Fire Within

Brad Henry once intelligently said “Believe in yourself, everything else will fall into its place”. It is a very well-known fact that if anyone wants

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Professionally, 13 years of experience operating at the intersection of Risk, Retail Banking and Stress Testing within globally recognized Banks in Singapore. Performs confidently within highly regulated environments to recognized standards, and directing collaborations with various Stakeholders across organisation.

While I am interested in Credit Risk Analytics and Stress testing, I love travelling distant places, like to collect artwork from my travels.  I collaborate with artists across Asia and Europe. Recently, I have picked up writing on various sorts of topics pertaining to general populace issues and experiences.



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