Spring in Hue

We picked out this painting from Hanoi. As per the artist, the inspiration for the artwork came from the spring blooms in one of the

GM Choo – The Boat Town

This painting was brought from 80 yr old famous artist named GM Choo. He has been doing batik paintings for a very long time. He

Alleys of Cinque Terre

This piece of artwork was picked from an Artist painting in Piazza Navona in Rome. What we loved about this work was the life depicted

The Bloom of Life

This audacious piece of artwork just stood out of all the pieces in the gallery. According to the artist, a vase of flowers (i.e. Bloom

The Romantic Peacocks

This was acquired from Malacca in Malaysia featuring a white and colored peacock. This is hand made using silk threads and silk cloth. The artist



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