Being Angry: The forgotten positive angle

Anger in numerous dictionaries is defined as a strong feeling that makes you want to hurt or inflict pain to someone or oneself due to

Neev: Reminder of Life Lessons

Today, I am introducing you to my son “Neev”. I became father in early 2018 and since then my life took a very beautiful turn.

Business & Love: Its Complicated

 “Business” & “Love” are two concepts which generally do not pair with each other in normal circumstances. However, I think they are intertwined with

My Father: Living Management School

As I write today, my father is turning 60. An age of milestone, it means he will be retiring from his usual work commitments. I

Telework and Telecommuting: Self-Management

Telework and Telecommuting a.k.a “Working from Home (WFH)” was one of the key perks offered by multinational corporations to many key executives. While, WFH used



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