What School Doesn't Teach You

What should I do ?, Who am I? and What is my purpose in this mortal realm?. These profound questions of humankind require deep thought and introspection, while living in a constantly changing world with jobs, families and relationships around us. Effectively, this book provides close to ten great ways to manage the entropy of the world, while in pursuit of purpose.

About Author

Nihit Mohan was born and raised in the cradle of cultural diversity of India, and currently resides in Singapore. He did his education from seven schools spread across multiple cities and cultures. He is an engineer by education and has made a successful career in the financial services industry. He hails from a family of engineers, bureaucrats and academicians. While growing up, Nihit had exposure to some of the exceptional thinkers, teachers, friends, and colleagues who have guided and mentored him. The idea of this book came during one of his work interactions where his colleagues were discussing various experiences and how they have influenced them in their personal and professional lives. 

Imagination and intellect are interdependent on  each other. Neither of them can survive or stand alone. Imagination and intellect have always been faces of a coin.

Table of Contents

Imagination & Intelligence: Building Blocks of Innovation

Imagination and intellect are interdependent on  each other. Neither of them can survive or stand alone. Imagination and intellect have always been faces of a coin.

Gratitude: World Could Use More of It

In this chapter we have explored the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of gratitude. We discussed what gratitude is, what causes gratitude and looked at various definitions given by thought leaders from various arenas of life

Ladder to Resolution

This model ‘ladder to resolution’ if appropriately practised provides you with a series of aspects in an organized way to successfully resolve issues and increase the happiness and satisfaction quotient of  one’s life.

Children: World Class Teachers

Children are nothing but the living embodiment of the ideal values of the world. If you want to assess any household, community, organisation or even countries, look at their children

Time Management: Key Enabler of Success

Managing time and prioritizing our tasks and activities have always been a struggle to most of us, be it  student, fresher in workforce or an experienced leader.

Stress: Can We Strike a Balance?

The capability to successfully manage stress is one of the most important skills that you need for happiness and success in today’s rapidly and constantly changing world

Spiritual Intelligence: Need of the Hour

Spirituality has always been an obscure topic and has divisive interpretations and different meanings  for each one of us.

My Story of Focus: A Memorable Journey

My journey with focus has been an enlightening journey. It has not only helped me understand focus and productivity better but also helped to manage distractions better.

Failure: Stepping Stones to Success

I would have wished this could have been taught to us in school. While school does prepare us from subject and necessary verbal and writing skills. But, what it does not prepare you for is life


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